Eli Gelbart
Eli Gelbart
Eli Gelbart holds a B.Sc. degree in Electronics from HIT – Holon Institute of Technology and an MBA from Ben Gurion University. He has more than 13 years of experience in the field of antennas, Cavities and Electromagnetic Engineering.
He gained intensive R&D experience in leading companies and sturt-ups and co-authored several patents relating to electromagnetic technologies.
Eli is well experienced using 3D electromagnetic simulation tools such as CST and HFSS. He is familiar with standards and regulations, like EN, FCC, ETSI, CISPR, CE and ANSI, with ISM bands and equipment and with EMI/EMC tests and troubleshooting.
Our Services
  • Antenna Design (Simulations and experimental)
  • Rapid antenna prototyping for a wide range of applications
  • Small quantity production and full documentation
  • Measurement in the 10 MHz – 20 GHz frequency range
  • Radiation measurements and pre-compliance tests
  • On-site consulting & Field testing