Benny Maly

Benny Maly holds B.Sc. (1992) and M.Sc. (2000) Degrees in Electrical

Engineering from the Technion, Haifa, Israel. Benny has a wide experience in

the Israeli High-Tech industry in research and development of "state of the art"

technologies and projects. He worked in various industrial companies such as:

• "Medivision" and "Medigus" (Medical Imaging and CCD Cameras),

• "Fibronix", "ECI-Telecom", "Kerenix" and "ColorChip" (Fiber Optics),

• "CI-Systems" (Infra-Red Applications),

• "Applied-Materials". Micro-Electronics and Semiconductors.

Currently Benny Maly is a Lecturer and Project Supervisor in Afeka Academic

College of Engineering Tel-Aviv. He teaches the courses: "Electromagnetic

Fields and Waves", "Transmission Lines, Microwave and Radiation", and

"Advanced Topics in Electromagnetics". His research field is Interaction

between Free Electron Beams and Electromagnetic Radiation at the Tera-Hertz